Promotional Items

Here are a selection of promotion items from The Cabinet Of Curiosities. We looked for interesting items that would be creative and memorable, while still relating to the Victorian aesthetic of the company.

Candles and tea were a huge part of Victorian life so we integrated our ident and  message into the packaging of these items. We also gave a nod to the original Victorian direct marketing idea from Wrigley (they sent a promotional stick of gum in the post to potential customers), and used chewing gum to display our ident and message.

For a more light hearted approach to our promotional items, we developed ‘The Cabinet Kit’. The aims of this kit was to deliver our Manifesto to potential clients in a creative, fun and memorable way, that would also engage the client and make them laugh while at the same time be something collectable. The Cabinet Kit consisted of a stick on moustache, stick on mutton chops, Victorian glasses, an over sized cabinet card with the face cut out so that the client can put it to their faces once they have applied the moustache, mutton chops and glasses, instructions on how to use the kit and finally the Cabinet Manifesto.

Here are a selection of photographs of our promotional items.