Meet The Cabinet

The Cabinet numbers four in total. Our collective tastes and talents are broad so we are well placed to provide the perfect elixir to remedy any and all of your creative needs, whatsoever they may be.

Please peruse our brief biogs below to find out a little more about each of the gentlemen of The Cabinet.


Name: Adam Pool

Likes: Tea, energy drinks, extreme sports, street art, dubstep

Dislikes: Anger, ‘handbag dogs’, wine, smelly cheese

Your work in 3 words: Colorful and clean

Influences: Jon Burgerman is a favourite. I get more influence from random objects. Anything around me, I guess.


Name: Damon Fletcher

Likes: Dairy, tea, skateboarding, drawing, when dan goes to a car boot sale and it starts raining, long walks through the countryside, derelict buildings, Stokes Croft, Rihanna.

Dislikes: Chris Brown, when people spell lose wrong (loose), sweetcorn,

Your work in 3 words: I heart drawing

Influences: HR Giger and skulls


Name: Daniel Evans

Likes: Cheese, surfing the ocean worldwide, tea, random road trips, car boot sales, second hand clothes,

Dislikes: When I run out of cheese, when I can’t surf, missing my morning cup of tea, when petrol is too expensive, when it rains at car boot sales, when charity shops are closed.

Your work in 3 words: I heart design

Influences: Everything everywhere is inspirational and influential so collect stuff!


Name: Mark Persaud

Likes: Disco, Dan’s dislikes answers, fruit and fibre, growing chillies, old posters, old photos, Victoriana, friendly old Portsmouth, fonts, sunset, sunrise, rain, Albert Road, my mac, bacon sandwiches, coffee, looking, odd socks, The Tricorn.

Dislikes: Too much rain, not enough sunshine, running out of Fruit and Fibre, the Tricorn getting knocked down.

Your work in 3 words: Wrinkly old stuff.

Influences: Victoriana, walks in the countryside, looking at everything, looking up, talking to people.