To whom it may concern,


We, The Gentlemen of the The Cabinet Of Curiosities, known collectively as ‘The Cabinet’, stand before you today to offer an alternative to inferior graphic design and benign creative thinking.


Gone are the days you need settle for second rate in lieu of first class visually creative solutions – the type of solutions that fit your requirements, as would a finely tailored silk glove clinging naturally to every last contour of the hand for which it was made.


We feel strongly it is our duty to lift the lid on what can be achieved creatively, to offer a service that is unsurpassed in it’s originality and visual resolve, while enabling the most effective communication of your message to the audience for which it is intended.


The Cabinet numbers four in total. Our collective tastes and talents are broad so we are well placed to provide the perfect elixir to remedy any and all of your creative needs, whatever they may be.


The Cabinet is an establishment of principle. These principles have been well considered among the gentlemen and are held in high regard, perpetuating all the work we undertake.


Principles of the Cabinet



We take an honest approach to our work. A transparent and collaborative approach with our clients means we can understand the brief as intimately as possible and provide a visual out come that surpasses expectations.



We are a conscious establishment, who endeavour to provide durable, ethical and eco-friendly design, making sure at the same time that it is produced to the absolute highest of quality.


Attention to detail

We bust ones chops to achieve enormous attention to detail in everything we do. From the start of our research to your final visual outcome, every step of our design process is equally important.



We welcome questions and constructive criticism. We believe that involving the client in the process is the best way to move forward together and achieve an outcome that not only fulfils the brief, but leaves you confident in our abilities, creating a solid foundation on which to build a future relationship.


So let us throw open the door of the cabinet for you, so that you may feast on the magnificent delectation of wonderment within. Gargantuan stimulation without intoxication awaits for all that enter. Let the Cabinet realise the true potential of your message.


Your Sincerely

The Gentlemen of The Cabinet